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Everlane.com-Startup that will disrupt the clothing market

I stumbled across an infographic that really made my blood boil. It lays out with full transparency the true manufacturing and retailing costs associated with a high end T-shirt. I felt like I’m a pretty saavy shopper especially when I generally buy at a 20-30%  discount off the retail price. Boy was I wrong and(…)

About.me-How to tie all your social Networks together in one beautiful page

http://youtu.be/0TEhtB1sSrI I forgot about this screen cast i did LAST YEAR at this time in May 2011. I was reviewing this Identity Page called http://www.about.me a platform where I could tie all my social networks together in one beautiful landing page. About.me has been quiet since AOL acquired them but I recently read they released a Public(…)